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Marxpoint Solutions Group is a locally family owned and operated support service company located in Birmingham, AL.

Our goal is to provide needed services to our customers at the most affordable and competitive pricing available. Currently our portfolio of services include:

- Web Building and Support

- Apparel Printing

- Logistics Support

We're constantly adding new services as they become available. You can be sure the service you receive is backed by our Marxpoint Quality Service Guarantee or MQS as we call it. MQS means if you have any issues with the service you receive from us or any of our trusted and certified Plus Partners, we will make it right.


Here at Marxpoint, it's our desire to assist you in anyway we can through the available services we provide. It is our job make sure we get it right the first time and that you are completely satisfied. 

Every member of out team has the same goal in mind for you and or your company, and that is to make sure you receive the best high quality service, the most affordable and competitive price and that once you become a Marxpoint family member, you remain a member for life.

We're here to service you and your needs. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to do just that. If you feel at any time that the service you've received wasn't up the level of standards that you expected, contact us and give us the opportunity to make it right.

Let's Grow Together is not only our company slogan, but our company standard. The only way we can grow is to help make sure the customer we serve is completely satisfied. When we do that, then our growth continues, not only in our customer base, but also in our learning experience and service.


We started Marxpoint to offer individuals and new small business owners a resource to the services they needed to accomplish whatever goal or project they established. Marxpoint's mission is to be the one stop shop for services needed to help our customers reach and achieve their goals while growing together so that we all can succeed.


Marxpoint is a proudly Black Owned and Operated small business. We pride our business model as a company with people who love and respect the culture and ideas of everyone. We are all one people who love to work, share ideas, reach others, impact lives in a positive manner and help each other grow together as a work family.

We challenge each other to achieve our highest potential as we all strive for excellence not only in our work atmosphere but also in our daily lives. One of our biggest rules as a company is that we must always treat everyone with the same respect we would like to be treated with. No one is better than the next person and everyone has room for growth.

We believe with everyone doing their part in making our company a success and giving our customers the superior service they expect, is the key to ensuring success for everyone. Not only in the work space we share, but also in the communities we live and work in. 

As we practice these values daily, we can REACH - CONNECT and GROW together. That's the Marxpoint culture!

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